Refuge and rest for survivors of sexual exploitation in Indianapolis

Residential and non-residential housing for survivors of sexual exploitation in Indianapolis

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I have experienced trauma and loss from the sex industry and need a safe place to rest.
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I am interested in connecting to Grit Into Grace for local resources or I am in a crisis situation and need immediate resources.

To Donate

I want to give a donation to help care for women impacted by the sex industry and trafficking.

Why Her?

She doesn’t have to live this way. We open our doors to every woman with these or similar experiences.

While she looks like she is choosing prostitution, she was trafficked as a child. Her experiences can be traced back to her childhood, where she survived sexual trauma, homelessness, and foster care.

She suffers from PTSD and complex trauma. She learned to cope using drugs and alcohol, and now she’s addicted.  She has been incarcerated multiple times, and each time she’s released she is met by her dope man or her pimp.

She doesn’t want to live this way, but she doesn’t know where to turn. She doesn’t believe life can look different. Even if she did, she doesn’t believe she is worthy of a new and better life.  

The stigma of being a sex worker makes her hesitant to look for resources. So does her addiction. She is frustrated. She wants to be seen, loved, and accepted. But she believes she will live and die in the life.

She doesn’t have to live this way.

 Grit Into Grace opens its doors to every woman with these or similar experiences.


How We Help

3 Areas We Provide Holistic Healing for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation

We are survivor-led and survivor-centered, so we understand trauma and how to navigate others with similar lived experiences.

Our programs take place in home environments that provide refuge and rest to women survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking in Indianapolis, Indiana. No woman will be turned away because she engages in sex work or because she is addicted. Some of our staff are survivors of sex work and sex trafficking, so we understand trauma and how to navigate others with similar lived experiences.

She will be fed, clothed, and  provided access to resources through case management and advocacy. She will have someone to walk with on her recovery journey. She will be able to attend programming and classes specific to her experiences.  She will find healthy community—a place to belong.  She will also be surrounded by the love of Jesus, even if she doesn’t know it.


Social Needs

Through community events, survivor-led mentoring, and volunteer opportunities, we create an environment where women are invited to belong, build trusted relationships, and experience their value and purpose in the world.
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Spiritual Needs

We provide women with a safe space to meet their spiritual needs through survivor-led support groups, art therapy, and Bible study. We recognize every woman’s faith journey is her own. It is not mandatory to participate in any faith-based curriculum or Bible study.

Physical Needs

Our non-residential and our future residential housing provide women with a safe space to seek refuge, rest, and healing.
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Grit Into Grace began as a dream in the heart of our founder, Stefanie Jeffers.

In 2004, Stefanie walked out of the strip club where she was employed for three years. Though she lost everything during the three years she worked in the sex industry, God completely changed and restored her life. Since 2013, Stefanie has used her unique understanding of being in the life and how difficult it can be to leave it behind to serve and care for women in the sex industry.

News & Events

Returning to Hope

House gives women in prostitution a place to dream again

Becoming Carmen: Sex work took her name, then everything else. Now she helps women take life back.

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Copyright © 2023 Grit Into Grace. All rights reserved.