Non-residential housing for survivors of sexual exploitation in Indianapolis

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Non-residential housing for survivors of sexual exploitation in Indianapolis

We Provide Holistic Healing for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation

 Our programs take place in home environments that provide refuge and rest to women survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking in Indianapolis, Indiana. No woman will be turned away because she engages in sex work or because she is addicted. Some of our staff are survivors of sex work and sex trafficking, so we understand trauma and how to navigate others with similar lived experiences.

Refuge & Rest

Our non-residential housing provides women with a safe space to seek refuge, rest, and healing.

Community & Belonging

Through community events, survivor-led mentoring, and volunteer opportunities, we create an environment where women are invited to belong, build trusted relationships, and experience their value and purpose in the world.

Support & Therapy

We provide women with a safe space to meet their spiritual needs through survivor-led groups, art therapy, horse therapy, and Bible study. It is not mandatory to participate in any faith-based curriculum or Bible study.

To the very cherished women still working in the sex industry, here's what we want you to know . . .

  • Your future holds so much more than you can see right now.

  • You matter and you are loved.

  • You are lovely and your value far exceeds what you earn in a night.

  • Whatever you have done does not define you.

  • There is rest for the weary and comfort for the one who has had her heart broken.

You are never too gritty to experience grace, and when you’re ready, we’re here to help.*

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*If you currently work in a strip club, in prostitution, in porn, in massage parlors, as an escort or outcall, if you have in the past, or if you are entertaining the thought of entering the commercial sex industry and would like to talk to someone, we are here for you. Contacting us does not mean that you have to change what you are doing, it just means that you will have someone to talk to. All conversations remain confidential.

Assistance for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation

Shame says that because I am flawed, I am unacceptable. Grace says that though I am flawed, I am cherished.

Grit Into Grace offers a variety of on-site resources at the Dream House, and we partner with several organizations to assist in meeting your specific needs. At the Dream House, you will work with a Survivor Advocate who will connect you to services and walk alongside you through this process. Contact us to talk with someone about how we can help.

Rest & Refuge for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation

Our non-residential programs are places women can come as they are—no questions asked. They are a place women can belong.

The Dream House is a non-residential care home for survivors of sexual exploitation in Indianapolis

The Dream House

Our non-residential home provides a place for healthy community and belonging to women who have experienced sexual exploitation, sex work, or sex trafficking.  We walk alongside women as they seek assistance and move towards life transformation.

The Purple Project

The Purple Project is a Grit Into Grace initiative working with incarcerated survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation to identify, educate, empower, provide pathways for reentry resources and alternatives to incarceration.
Grit Into Grace Family

Community & Belonging for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation

We open our doors to every woman survivor of sexual exploitation and she will be surrounded by other women who understand her.


The Dream House is a place to belong and engage in healthy community. Our goal is to provide a place where women feel radically loved and, in that love, find a place where their hearts feel at home.



In working with a Survivor Advocate and a Survivor Support Specialist, participants will set goals, discover needs and be connected to resources, have someone to walk alongside them at their own pace, and be mentored in recovery and other areas of need.



Grit Into Grace partners with local organizations to more fully meet the needs of participants.  We will work to connect you with resources you need to meet your goals. You will be invited to engage in volunteer opportunities, on-site trauma therapy and art therapy, and off-site horse therapy.

Support & Therapy for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation

A safe space to heal, grow, and connect.


Healing begins when you find rest in a safe space and are seen, not for what you do but for who you were created to be.  Through safe community, trauma therapy, art therapy, and horse therapy we provide ways for you to process trauma and move towards freedom and healing. 


The Pathway Project is a Grit Into Grace program initiative that meets women where they are at the first time they walk through the doors, and walks alongside them as they enter into community, participate in programming, and grow in the freedom found through life transformative healing.


Connect with staff, other women with similar lived experiences, and to local resources at the Dream House. You are worthy of connection and belonging.


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