The Purple Project

A Grit Into Grace initiative working with incarcerated survivors of
sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation to identify, educate,
empower, and provide pathways for reentry resources and
alternatives to incarceration.

The Purple Project gives women opportunities to recognize their own worth and value.

How It

Group 530

Identify Survivors

We identify incarcerated survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking using a comprehensive screening tool.
Group 531

Educate Survivors

We educate incarcerated survivors by leading leading groups in jail and in prison, using curriculum that teaches about the vulnerabilities leading to victimization, coercion, safety, and resources to exit the lifestyle, if desired.
Group 535

Empower Survivors

We empower incarcerated survivors through education and with the belief that knowledge is power.
Group 533

Reentry Resources

We provide reentry resources that allow incarcerated individuals, both in county jails and prisons, to connect with local organizations upon release to continue their journey of healing.
Group 534

Incarceration Alternatives

We provide incarceration alternatives through collaboration with prosecutors and public defenders to provide pathways to healing and change if a woman chooses to participate in diversion programming.

"The safest place for me to be right now is in jail."
—An incarcerated survivor of sex trafficking

The Purple Project Partners

We are grateful for the strong partnerships who have joined with Grit Into Grace to establish the Purple Project and bring hope and healing to incarcerated women.

About The Purple Project

The Purple Project honors Breana Rogers (1989–2022), one of the first women our founder Stefanie Jeffers worked with in the Marion County Jail. Breana was a dear friend, and the two walked together until Breana’s death in 2022. Breana often wore purple nail polish and called Stefanie every time she saw someone with purple polish on their nails. Breana’s life mattered and continues to be an inspiration in the work we are privileged to do with women who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and incarceration.

Continue the Healing Journey

Learn about our non-residential housing program.

The Dream House is a non-residential care home for survivors of sexual exploitation in Indianapolis

The Dream House

Our non-residential home provides a place for healthy community and belonging to women who have experienced sexual exploitation, sex work, or sex trafficking. We walk alongside women as they seek assistance and move towards life transformation.

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Copyright © 2023 Grit Into Grace. All rights reserved.